Sweet Mama Jay: VOX

Sweet Mama Jay is Shinbone STar's singer, having joined in early 2018. Great vocals are complimented by her wicked sense of humor.


Michael Woodrow bass: Shinbone Star

Bassist Michael Woodrow is the main writer of the songs on Shinbone Star's first album.


George Bassett: Guitars

George and DUK had previously played together in a country band (Centreville) and a swinging Rock-a-Billy band (Paint My Pony also with ex Shinbone STar singer Bronwyn Jones) and now form a solid partnership on Shinbone STar's blues. He ain't nothin' but a hound dawg...

Greg Powis - Greg Powis Guitar

Greg Powis joined Shinbone STar in 2019 and brings a wealth of Jazz and Blues influenced guitar to the band's sound. His first recording foray can be heard on the title track of the Deeper Than The Blues EP.


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