Momma J: VOX

Ray is Shinbone STar's singer, having joined in early 2018. Great vocals are complimented by her wicked sense of humor.


Michael Woodrow bass: Shinbone Star

Bassist Michael Woodrow is the main writer of the songs on Shinbone Star's first album.


George Bassett: Guitars

George and DUK had previously played together in a country band (Centreville) and a swinging Rock-a-Billy band (Paint My Pony also with ex Shinbone STar singer Bronwyn Jones) and now form a solid partnership on Shinbone STar's blues. He ain't nothin' but a hound dawg...

Geoff Horn: Drums

Geoff joined Shinbone STar in early 2018 after having previously played a stint with DUK and George in a country band in 2016 (Centreville).

Pete Garam - Shinbone STar - keyboards

Peter Garam is a keyboard player well known for his virtuosity playing jazz and blues. He learnt classical piano from the age of four, but discovered rock piano as a teenager listening to Johnny Johnson’s playing on Chuck Berry recordings and has never looked back.

His other influences include Dr John, Leon Russell, Amos Milburn , Jimmy Smith and Steve Winwood to name a

When not gigging with Shinbone Star, Peter plays in the “jump blues” genre with Melbourne. band The Groovetones. He also accompanies a variety of singers in piano and wine bars. Having a repertoire of 500+ jazz, blues & rock standards, he also does solo work in and around Melbourne as a pianoman/vocalist, having done over 150 gigs in 2018 alone.

Bronwyn Jones: Shinbone Star previous vox.

Bronwyn Jones provided the female voice of Shinbone Star's debut album "Whiskey & Gin".

Mark Petlock: Shinbone Star previous vox

Experienced Canadian singer Mark Petlock growls and howls his way through a number of Shinbone Star tracks on Whiskey & Gin and provided gritty vocals and harmonica on Eye On You.

Adam Haig: Shinbone Star previous guitar

Adam Haig was the main guitarist with Shinbone Star, contributing to most tracks on Whiskey & Gin.

Additional guitars and slide Grant McDonough: Shinbone Star

Grant McDonough played guitar and slide on the Shinbone Star tracks Grave Diggin' Blues, Altar Boy Blues and Naked Ghost (Of A Murray River Queen), with song writing credits on Altar Boy Blues and Naked Ghost.

Additional drums and percussion Mats Marklund: Shinbone Star

Mats Marklund providede drums for a number of tracks for the Shinbone Star album. He went on to distinguish himself further with two albums with Australian band LOR (Life Of Riley).

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